Puttin’ on the Calories at Burger King


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The other day, I headed down to Burger King (BK) in Aberdeen NC for lunch and ordered two small hamburgers (with no cheese), the cheapest burgers on BK’s menu.

I decided to throw in a milkshake, as I was “eating on the cheap” – the burgers ordered cost only about a dollar each. A small shake wouldn’t “get me through” two hamburgers, so I sprang for a medium-size vanilla shake. I figured it’d go well with two little burgers. You know, you don’t want to have a bite of burger left and no shake left to wash down that morsel. You hope to end up your lunch with one tidbit of burger and one swill of shake left for the final moist chew. Right?

While sitting in BK and downing burgers, I gazed at the paper thingee they placed on my plastic tray. That printed item serves as a sort of cheap placemat. The front of that paper showed photos of people eating and enjoying themselves at BK. I turned the thing over and was amazed.

On the back of that paper placemat, in fine print, loomed a long list of “Burger King Nutrition Information.” Yep, BK had listed the calories, protein, and fat content (plus other stuff) found in its products. BK did that to help me make “Deliciously Informed Decisions.” That’s what was printed at the bottom of that placemat.

“How thoughtful of them,” I mused.

I decided to see how many calories I was consuming as I munched and sipped.

I strained my eyes on the “almost readable to us old folk” print and looked for the word “burger.”

A “Whopper” sandwich (BK’s best-known burger) contains 650 calories, according to the chart. A “Double Whopper” sandwich boasts 900 calories.

(By the way, a large order of BK salted French fries contains 500 calories, and 200 of those are “calories from fat.”)

I continued scanning the list and found a calorie-count for a simple hamburger, such as the two I’d bought.

That type hamburger contains only 230 calories.

“Well, that’s not bad,” I thought. “Two of them amount to only 460 calories.”

I looked on down the list for “milkshakes” and found “Vanilla Hand-Spun Shake – Medium.”

“Have mercy!” I thought. “That’s what I bought, and it has 730 calories!”

Yep, I felt sort of guilty. But that shake was so-o-o-o good.

Oh, well. At least I didn’t order the “BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter.” That sucker will put 1429 calories on your torso.